Jumpstart your venture
build a compelling business plan

Throughout this course, get a pragmatic but holistic view of all aspects of your business concept. Shape a compelling plan able to convince customers, investors and partners.

Introduction to the course

  • Course Agenda, Methodology & Tools
  • Breaking the ice exercise: one-to-one elevator pitches

Corporate & Business Strategy
Work on your business model assumptions.

  • Formalize your business model using the Business Model Canvas.
  • Trainers challenge your business model, help you build alternative scenarios.
  • Learn about the lean startup model.

Leadership and founders
Understand leadership and the power of vision.

  • Leadership examples and pitfalls.

  • Express and share your vision and your values.

  • Advisors to the founders.

Organize your team and understand how to support the organization along the phases of evolution

  • Set key milestones, understand company lifecycle

  • Human Resources, roles and delegation.

  • Executive and non-executive responsibilities.

  • Lean organization and management of resources.

Product and service development

Learn the basic principles of product development

  • Waterfall, Agile and Lean product development process
  • Product-to-market and business options
  • Product unique values, design and product lifecycles
  • Make or Buy, Gross Margins

Market analysis and competitive intelligence

How to make the most of market data, information on competitors, and conduct your own analysis to ensure the most appropriate positioning for your solutions from the start.

  • Understanding your target market supply, demand and competitive environment
  • Using the SWOT analysis tool


Understand the principles of marketing and lead generation in B2B and B2C situations

  • Understand and focus on your customer business problem
  • Branding, Marketing funnel, B2B marketing
  • e-marketing, key performance indicators, community management

Understand key financial elements for startups

  • Revenue models and projections
  • Cost of acquiring customers, know your cost structure
  • Profit and loss and cash flow statements
  • Funding options, Paths and milestones

Intro to Business Plan
Introduction to inspiring, highly efficient business plans

  • A story to tell
  • Business Plan structure and tips

Presentation skills
Learn the tips of impactful presentations

  • Presentation styles, Story telling
  • The Succes(s) method
  • Design, page layout and visuals
  • Preparation and adapting to the audience

Introduction to the principles of negotiation

  • Key principles, attitude and objectives
  • Understanding the other party’s interests, finding a common ground
  • Soft and hard factors, must have, nice to have, best alternative to negotiated agreement
  • Negotiation exercises with customers, investors or partners

Introduction to sales and sales management

  • Correctly address sales as a key driver of success of a venture
  • Models of sales organization (direct, channel, web, account)
  • The process, from lead generation to closing and retaining clients, funnel and pipeline
  • Management of sales, the routines and the tools
  • Sales call and pipeline management exercises

Get an overview of legal issues you may face when formally launching a venture

  • Choosing the appropriate company structure (Sàrl v. SA)
  • Commercial contracts
  • Financing rounds legal considerations
  • Employees contracts and incentive plans

Intellectual Property
Overview of the Intellectual property aspects of a venture

  • Patents, trademarks,design and copyrights
  • Principles, requirements, filing and tips

Pitching to a panel from CTI

  • Presentation workshop
  • Pitching to the panel