Grow your venture
define your action plan

Learn how to achieve fast but sustainable growth by listening to your customers,
teaming up with partners and setting up adequate funding and processes


Gearing up for Growth

  • Understand growth canvas of successful companies
  • Prepare growth canvas for your company
  • Present your growth strategy to the group


Key Performance Indicators for Growing Companies

  • Understand what you should be measuring and why
  • Develop your own tool for managing your business growth
  • Learn how to define your KPIs
  • Understand how to measure your performance for decision-making



Value Proposition and Pricing for Growth

  • Learn how to build a compelling value proposition
  • Understand how price influences the value perception
  • Learn how to price a new product or service


Product Development & Collaboration for Growth

  • Learn how to develop a successful product
  • Understand where to focus R&D & how to innovate
  • What type of collaboration for growth



Sales Process and Management to accelerate Growth

  • Identify the elements of your strategic sales
  • Sales process and tools, opportunity pipeline management
  • Sales management, hiring, setting up objectives
  • Become a high performing sales manager


Leveraging Negotiation for Growth

  • Key principles of negotiation and negotiation tips
  • Negotiating with supplier and technology partners, channel partners and clients
  • Understanding cultural differences



Financing for Growth

  • Revenue modelling and projections
  • Operational expenses and cash plans
  • Anticipate and monitor cash flow needs in growth phase
  • Scalable pricing for growth
  • Understand financing options and their match with business targets
  • Sharpen your financial pitch to investors and bankers



Organization in the Growth Phase, Improvement Processes

  • Understand typical growth phases organizations go through
  • Develop criteria matrix for decision making applied to your business
  • Understand potential risks associated with bad decisions taken at previous phases
  • Learn about practical solutions to minimize impact of a potential decision


Personal and Team Management to sustain Growth

  • Structure
  • Recruiting
  • Organization
  • Motivating
  • Governance


Presentations / Pitching to Jury

  • Presentation workshop, one-on-one presentation coaching and practice
  • Pitching to a panel